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kn95 mask production machine

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What is the kn95 mask production machine?

By using the KN95 mask production machine, you can produce protective masks efficiently and with high quality. This machine uses advanced ultrasonic melting technology and automatic feeding and injection systems to automatically produce masks.
One of the unique features of this device is the use of an ultrasonic melting system to produce masks. This very advanced and accurate technology allows you to produce high quality masks with density and strength.
Automatic feeding and injection system is also used in this device. By using this system, the wire of the nose part of the mask is automatically and accurately inserted into the production line during mask production.
Also, three layers of non-woven fabric are automatically aligned and fed into the mask production line. This automatic and simultaneous operation allows you to produce high-quality and uniform masks.
The device has nose wires (springs) and ear bands that are automatically cut and welded through ultrasonic welding. This advanced technology has precise and strong welding and produces masks with strong and reliable connections.

Additional details of the mask production machine:

After welding the strips around the ear, the machine has an automatic counting and palletizing system. This feature is used to display and accurately track the number of masks produced and to simplify the process of packing and sending the masks to the final destination. This automatic system counts the masks correctly and packs them automatically after welding the strips around the ears. This function, along with high speed and very high precision, allows the production of the largest possible number of masks per minute.
With a very high capacity surgical mask production line, this machine is capable of producing 70 to 80 pieces of masks per minute. This high capacity allows you to quickly and economically produce the required masks and act in response to market needs.
In addition, the KN95 mask production machine is designed for easy installation and maintenance. By using the PLC control system and user-friendly control panel, the settings and operation control of the device are very simple and understandable. This feature allows you to easily adjust the device to your needs and desired parameters and track its performance.
In general, the KN95 mask production machine, using advanced technologies and automatic systems, allows you to quickly, accurately and with high quality produce protective masks.


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